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allthingscatherineandmary asked: "Hi there, I just wanted to say I've really enjoyed following your blog this year and I wish you a Merry Christmas & all the best for 2014! 🎄🎁🎉🍸❤️"

Aw thank you! I wish I would have logged on sooner to see this ❤️

♛ABC’s of Kate Middleton

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Ok so i’ve got to weigh in on this thing about Kate twirling her hair.

1. To me, based on these two pictures, she doesn’t look like she’s twirling it, it looks like she is moving it away from her face or off of her shoulder. 

2. If she looks somber people say she looks bored but if she smiles once she is being disrespectful. Pick on or the other to complain about people.

3. I saw a post where a woman said that curls are cute for teens and little girls but as the DoC she needs to get a grip and do something different and more sophisticated with her hair. Curls are about as sophisticated as you can get with long hair besides wearing some type of bun all the time, and then people would say she was acting to much like a ballerina or something.

I may be biased as a huge fan of Kate’s but I don’t think there is one person that has stood through a long service of some sorts without turning to the person beside them to talk or pass time a bit. Yes it is a somber day of remembrance but I don’t think any of the men who died for their countries would be rolling around in their graves because she moved her hair around a bit. 

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Sometimes it really bothers me when I get called awful things just because i’m American. Grouping together a nation of people, to me anyways, is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t assume all British people have bad teeth nor do I think every German drinks beer all day so why do people think that we are all fat, ignorant and stupid? I’m proud of where i’m from and not ashamed to say it, I just wish that I could get shown the same respect that I show other people from this fandom.

♛ABC’s of Kate Middleton

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♛ABC’s of Kate Middleton

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